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What benefits can hospitalists offer patients?

By focusing on the care of the hospitalized patient, a hospitalist has unique insight into each patient’s specific needs during the hospital stay. Hospitalists spend their day in the hospital and thus can be more readily available to each patient.

Why is a hospitalist caring for me?

The hospitalists see patients who are in the hospital. Your family doctor may only be seeing patients in the office and may have asked the hospitalists to see you while you are here. The emergency room doctor or another doctor may have referred you the hospitalists to help manage your care. Most hospitalists do not see patients outside of the hospital.

How does the IMA hospitalists program work?

A physician from the hospitalist group will see you daily to monitor your care and direct your treatment while you are in the hospital. When possible, you will be under the same hospitalist’s care for your entire stay. However, due to scheduling and doctor/patient volumes, you may see another hospitalist.

How will my family (or primary care) doctor know what is going on with me in the hospital?

The hospitalists are available to speak with your primary care doctor by phone. A detailed summary of events and the treatment plan will be sent to your doctor upon discharge.

Will I see the hospitalist for an appointment after I leave the hospital?

No. You will not have an appointment to see the hospitalist again after discharge. You will be instructed to schedule a follow-up appointment with your family (primary care) doctor when you are discharged from the hospital. Also at discharge, the hospitalist will provide written prescriptions for medications that you may need related to your hospitalization. You will have to follow up with your doctor for further check-ups and refills on your prescriptions.

Most importantly, take your medicine bottles and your hospital discharge medication list to your first follow-up appointment.